“The horrific Abortion Legislation Act passed in March 2020 is too extreme and it is publicly contentious,” said Hannah Tamaki, Party Leader of Vision New Zealand. 

“The horrific Abortion Legislation Act passed in March 2020 is too extreme and it is publicly contentious” said Hannah Tamaki, Party Leader of Vision New Zealand. “Under the Cover of Covid, when most New Zealanders were gripped by fear and uncertainty, this Labour government, along with other Political Parties, covertly pushed through the most extreme abortion law in the world. Apart from breaching our democratic rights, and ignoring 90% of the opposing submissions and petitions it was railroaded through almost overnight.”

“Most New Zealanders are still naively unaware of how radical and dangerous this abortion law is, including:

• Late term abortions are now possible up until 9 months
• No medical assistance will be given to any baby who survives the horrors of an attempted abortion
• Sex-selective abortions are now possible enabling an unwanted gender preference to be aborted
• Over the phone abortion pills can be prescribed by a single doctor, enabling DIY home abortions”

Hannah Tamaki is giving the public of New Zealand, who deeply oppose this Kill Bill the opportunity to act on this “Stain on our Nation”, by releasing these Kill Bill Repeal policy principles: Vision New Zealand will:

1. Repeal the entire ‘Abortion Legislation Act (2020)’, and make this Vision New Zealand’s non-negotiable deal-breaker in coalition negotiations
2. Vote against the ‘Contraception, Sterilisation, and Abortion (Safe Areas) Amendment Bill’ currently before parliament
3. Ensure free contraception is readily available to women of all ages
4. Set up a new ‘Mana Wahine Pregnancy & Adoption Agency’ that will provide support for women, every step of the way, through pregnancy, through childbirth, and through into child adoption placement with new Kiwi families, so that ladies are supported to not need an abortion.
5. Provide a $3,000 Push Gift to every woman upon giving birth to a baby. This is in recognition of the sacrifice and effort involved to grow a human for nine months and then giving birth. While the gorgeous baby is reward enough, if there’s anybody who deserves a little spoiling, it’s a woman who’s just nailed childbirth.

Hannah says “250,000 Votes for Vision New Zealand will be ‘Your Voice’. A Party Vote to Vision New Zealand guarantees This Repeal is Real!”

Hannah also says “A vote for Vision New Zealand will ensure your conscience is completely clear and that we can be counted as having stood up for and voted to protect our most treasured Taonga, The Unborn Babies in The Womb!”

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